We make sure you get a plan that suits your needs

At Greatsun Financial we have bespoke plans and strategies that cater for any client’s needs and circumstances. We have a dedicated team that ensures to present our consultants with up-to-date research and analysis about current markets and investment opportunities.

We take pride in having the most qualified and highly skilled individuals as a part of our team so that our clients maximize their chance of success which in turn will reflect on the company’s growth and reputation. At Greatsun Financial we thrive on our attention to detail and extensive research providing data on nearly 376,000 investment offerings that range from Cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities and other similar avenues, compounded with real time global market data.

Our experts will help you every step of the way

At Greatsun Financial we have expert investment advisory subsidiaries, with over $11 billion in assets in our portfolio and management which also allows our clients to have the opportunity to take advantage of our investment management services.

We have consistently shown how valuable we can be to investors as our business model is based on providing the most up-to-date information, high-quality data and disciplined methodologies and objective research that we ensure is always thorough and extensive. This is delivered through a wide range of media and outlets. This gives us a strong base so we get to work closely with clients and provide the best options for their investments, therefore this gives our clients the confidence and trust to carry on building their partnership and relationship with us so that we can continue to work together for many years to come.

We will dedicate our time to make sure you succeed

We dedicate our time to ensure that every working hour around the world our global database which includes collecting and analyzing data on stocks, separate accounts, exchange-traded funds, hedge funds and other investment opportunities is accurate, reliable and as safe as possible for our clients to make informed decisions. This allows them to grow their funds and build their portfolio which manifests into the success of everyone involved. The fact that we pay so much attention to the details of our investments allows us to confidently explore any potential we see at any given time as our core disciplines and principles will ensure a  high chance of a successful outcome.

If you are a seasoned investor or new to investing, our team has the right strategies and expertise to create a customized experience that helps facilitate your every financial requirement.

“Our primary goal is the improvement and conservation of our clients’ wealth and investments.”

We want our clients to succeed in every way because based on our company’s instilled principles, we believe that our clients success is directly connected to our growth.

CEO: Akari Watanabi